Skin Tray

Method – SKIN

Skin packaging exploits vacuum technology and the perfect interaction between the machine and the packaging materials to obtain vacuum packaging with impeccable aesthetics.
Thanks to the use of vacuum, the film positioned in the upper part adheres like a second skin to the product, wrapping the product firmly, without tension and without changing its shape in order to prevent any release of liquid or moisture during the life cycle on the shelf.

Standard skin packaging

The height of the product to be packaged does not exceed the depth of the tray in which it is contained. The height of the tray that allows the maximum effectiveness of the skin effect is about 15-30 mm.

Protrusion skin packaging

The height of the product is greater than the depth of the tray in which it is contained.

The protrusion that the product can have beyond the height of the tray is 30 mm as standard and 50 mm (optional on some machines).


This type of packaging offers greater visibility and is perfect for presenting the quality and freshness, color and structure of the product by attaching it to the package with a very natural result.

The products can be displayed vertically, horizontally or even hung: the film fixes the contents of the package and the complete sealing of the surface around the product prevents any liquids from escaping.

The vacuum skin pack has a fantastic visual appeal; allows a reduction in the use of plastic materials and offers ample opportunity to customize the product packaging.


The skin packs are mainly suitable for the packaging of meat, fish, cheese but also industrial products and consumer goods.

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