New Life Projects

Our values linked to sustainability and the circular economy have given rise to a new project, in support of customers with small productions or with the possibility of limited investments. NEW LIFE PROJECT aims to respond to this market need by exploiting the technical knowledge and experience of BMB staff to give a new life to used machinery and make them available to customers with reduced budgets.

Revamp and Retrofit

After years of production efficiency, any machine is subject to normal wear processes or is no longer suitable for changed or increased production demands.

You can update parts or groups of your systems and make your systems more performing and productive by replacing the main components and mechanisms.

The revamping includes a whole series of mechanical restructuring operations that allow to extend the productive life of a machine.

For a revamping, we first of all proceed with the disassembly and verification of the existing systems, and then carry out extraordinary maintenance on them in such a way as to bring them to a level of performance as similar as possible to the new product. Once all the revamping operations have been completed, the machine is subjected to testing again.

On the other hand, retrofitting is an even more sophisticated and complex procedure which involves an electronic and technological restructuring, allowing not only to restore the performance of the machine, but even to improve it compared to the starting values.

In fact, the retrofit consists of a series of interventions that introduce new technologies or features inside the machine through new automatisms and modern electronic control systems that improve its performance.

Used Machines

To facilitate access to the world of automatic packaging and contain the initial economic investment, we offer used packaging machines, collected by our customers and rigorously overhauled and tested in our production plants according to high standards to ensure safety, optimal performance and reliability over time.