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ET Shrink Tunnel

  • Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Skin Effect

ET Shrink Tunnel


The water-based heat-shrinking machines of the Easy Tunnel ET45 line are semi-automatic machines characterized by the “immersion” heat-shrinking system.

The product already vacuum-packed with special bags made of heat-shrink material, is manually positioned on the loading surface and then immersed in an insulated tank containing hot water: once in contact with the heat source (hot water) the bag retracts adhering to the surface of the product and creating the effect called “Skin” (second skin).

The “immersion” system guarantees an excellent heat-shrinking result as the product is completely immersed and wrapped in water, an ideal situation for correct and complete heat transmission. The water is heated by electric resistances.

There are two water shrink tunnel models of the “Easy Tunnel” immersion line: ET45 and ET45GR. In both models it is possible to adjust the temperature of the water in the shrink tank, displayed on a display.

The ET45 model is the standard version with a classic fixed worktop where the immersion time is adjusted with the speed of the worktable movement.

The ET45GR model is equipped with an inclined work surface which, by lowering, facilitates the sliding towards the lower part and the immersion of the product in the shrink tank. The inclined plane then, rising, facilitates the consequent unloading always by gravity.

Specific use: For a wide variety of food products.

What types of bags? Only for shrink bags in different formats but in specific materials suitable for shrinking, easily manageable by adjusting the intensity of the water temperature as standard on both models.


Technical Characteristics

StructureStainless steel AISI 304
Control PanelElectromechanical with display thermoregulator
Size (LxWxH)1075x930x1535 mm
Weight400 kg
Useful dimensions (LxP – LxW)850×435 mm
Tank capacity220 l
Useful tank depth320 mm
Water heatingElectric resistors or Steam injection
Electric consumption3KW (steam), 30KW (electric)
Electric supply400V – 3PH + N + PE – 50Hz – 9KW
Pneumatic supply6/8 bar – dry and micro-filtered air
Air consumption30 Nl/cycle
Speed*up to 5 cycle/min
OptionalRequest information
*depending on material to shrink

BMB in the constant search for improvement of production, reserves the right to modify the characteristics of its products, therefore the data and images shown are indicative and not binding. All BMB machines comply with current European regulations according to CE, EAC and EMV.

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