Who We Are

Who We Are

BMB srl specializes in the development and production of machinery for the primary packaging of products, with particular focus on vacuum and protective atmosphere packaging machines, heat sealers, thermoformers and shrink tunnels for the food, medical and industrial sectors.

BMB machines are sold in more than 50 countries and we guarantee our presence thanks to a capillary network of distributors and representative offices that ensure complete support to the needs of the individual customer through custom-made estimates and informatic supports for product presentation, as well as a team of technically trained people for after-sales assistance.

Reliability, professionalism and strong dynamism make BMB a very appreciated and rapidly expanding reality that is finding ever greater approval and trust from our customers. BMB’s Made in Italy excellence and quality are now recognized and appreciated worldwide.

We work with dedication and a unique approach as we design and develop our machines; this gives us the opportunity to provide the best tools for our customers.

In fact, what distinguishes us is that we are not simple manufacturers and sellers of machines, but we are researchers of strategic solutions that allow your ideas to become reality: the study of our products starts from the needs of our customers and we are available to provide customizations to respond to your requests.

With our machines we want to improve and simplify your production and packaging cycle in safety, saving you time and resources.

For every market, from industrial to retail, standard or bespoke, we develop a solution for your packaging challenges. Not only for today, but also for the future.

In fact, we believe that the vacuum is the packaging solution of the future to reduce food waste and protect our customers’ products.

We are building our machines with a sustainable approach and continue to evolve the value proposition to create better packaging systems for the global market.


“We are committed to making products safe and available, everywhere”

We want to give the possibility to pack any product in safe packaging, reducing waste and allowing the product to be distributed anywhere in the world.


Our vision is based on values that are fundamental to us, each closely connected to the other, which continually inspire our team:

  • Trust and Respect
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Listening and communicating with transparency and honesty
  • Get results

We also believe in the production of our 100% Made in Italy machines, built with top quality materials to ensure durability, high performance and safety for the operators who use them.

We are constantly raising the bar and constantly striving to improve. We believe in innovation, technology and teamwork to help us achieve our goals and the goals of our customers.

We put the customer first and it is therefore important for us to support him in every situation: from the moment a new project is tackled, to the analysis of the state of the art, to the process reviews, because for us the satisfaction and trust of the customer are key.


“We work for and with our customers to provide the best packaging solutions for food, medical and industrial products. We design and manufacture high-quality and reliable automatic packaging machines to support the growth, innovation and lasting success of our customers.”

We apply our commitment to innovation, our understanding of consumer needs and our relationships with suppliers to deliver these solutions. In the process, we set standards for technology, efficiency and reliability and are aware of the need for economical use of packaging materials and other resources.

Research and Development

The market is constantly changing and BMB is always evolving. Our Research and Development team stands out for its ingenuity and versatility; we are always working to find innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

All of our products are the result of numerous experiences developed directly in the field, in-depth design studies and collaborations with Italian Universities for the application of the most modern technologies.

The technologies applied and the construction design ensure less waste, excellent hygiene and high efficiency in the product packaging process. With our solutions we bring an increase in productivity by committing ourselves to supply interconnected machinery (Industry 4.0) aimed at greater energy savings and operation with eco-sustainable materials.