Pre and After Sales


Before delivery, each machine is 100% tested to confirm the proposed technical solution, packaging materials and performance.

We consider the implementation as an extension of production, to be carried out with the same meticulousness and attention to detail: for this reason, the installations are also handled by trained, capable and reliable BMB personnel. This approach completes the supply allowing the plants to fully express their performance.

We have remote connection systems with direct access to our machines to give technical support to our technical partners around the world directly from our workstations.


The proper functioning of the machines over time depends on the quality of maintenance, so it is our concern to support the customer by assisting him and enhancing the investment he has made by preferring our products.

We offer our customers ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of machines, pumps and vacuum suction systems.

It is possible to create customized scheduled preventive maintenance packages in which the dates and frequency of maintenance interventions are established in agreement with the customer. In this way, the customer is relieved of the thought of maintenance and sudden downtime as the machines are periodically monitored directly by BMB staff.


BMB takes care of after-sales assistance both on site through internal technicians and sales partners, and remotely. In fact, our service center also offers technical support for remote diagnostics: our machines are equipped with the most modern Industry 4.0 technologies that allow you to monitor the status of the machine anywhere in the world and at any time through private and secure connections. or to receive information messages on the machine’s operating conditions directly on your telephone.

The delicate assistance phase must confirm the good choice made with the purchase of our products and we work with all our strength to improve the reliability of the machines trying to prevent accidents, since we know the price of an unexpected event.

In the event that our customer encounters a problem, our qualified technicians are always ready and attentive to provide the best solution in the shortest possible time; we intervene immediately to ensure the complete efficiency of the system from which its success derives.

Spare Parts and Consumables

All components of BMB products are cataloged with codes and descriptions and a list of the same is provided in paper and electronic format at the time of product purchase to the user for their recognition. The network of BMB Distributors is able to identify and quickly order all spare parts.

Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to support you in the purchase and replacement phase of the parts involved in the spare part by providing express delivery services on site.

Our expertise does not stop at equipment and spare parts but is also decisively expressed in a complete range of films, bags, trays and plastic materials for packaging.