Easy Sealer

  • Perfect Sealing
  • Customizable
  • Compact Design
  • Modern Technology

Easy Sealer

Modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum heat sealer for packaging in trays. Easy Sealer is built entirely of stainless steel and is characterized by its extreme speed of packaging and ease of use.

Equipped with a touch panel with 10 programs, it creates a vacuum level up to 100% and provides for the introduction of inert gas up to 110%.
The absolute vacuum sensor guarantees a perfect vacuum in all circumstances, allowing the packaging of liquid products.

Versatile, it can use customizable molds for trays of different sizes. Parts of the mold and foil can be changed quickly.
Among the various functions of Easy Sealer stand out: additional vacuum and gas, welding, degas and excess film cut.

The construction features and components guarantee solidity and durability over time. From a regulatory point of view, the machine complies with the strictest international hygiene and safety standards.


Mould and Formats

Technical Characteristics

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