Consulting and Training


Our goal is to provide solutions, therefore we respond to the needs of our customers by supporting them in the production and management processes: whatever product you need to pack, we provide you with the expertise and experience for personalized advice.

The in-depth knowledge of processes, materials and technologies for packaging food and non-food products, allow us to offer advice for the choice of the machine and the best type of packaging based on the required shelf-life, to maintain the organoleptic qualities. and physical features of the product you want to obtain and the design of the package.

We offer support and availability to make changes and customizations on the machines in order to make them more suited to your needs and to always have a tailor-made package for your product.

We provide a technical test room to carry out specific demonstrations of the different technologies in operation and we carry out sampling and packaging tests. 


We organize targeted technology days aimed at optimizing the packaging process, applying vacuum technology to different products with standard or sustainable materials and extending the useful life of the products, making our technical knowledge available to participants so that our customers take an important step forward in the world of packaging.

Training in the use of machines and packaging systems is of fundamental importance and allows you to obtain high production returns from your investments.

We therefore offer training and refresher courses for the operators of the client companies, aimed at the correct use of the machinery. The training is organized in the smallest details in collaboration with the main suppliers of flexible and rigid packaging according to the customer’s needs, to ensure an optimal transfer of information to the operators.