Reduction of Waste

BMB extends the shelf life of daily fresh foods through vacuum packaging and protective atmosphere packaging. The hygiene, quality, appearance and freshness of the product are kept intact over time. In addition, vacuum packaging safely protects all industrial and consumer products from oxygen, moisture, dust and other environmental influences.

We also offer solutions in which the thickness of the packaging is reduced while maintaining the conservation qualities in such a way as to minimize the production of waste.

Energy Saving

Energy saving in the context of industrial production has become a vitally important goal in the context of a developed and aware economic system.

BMB has always offered machinery that allows for energy savings both in terms of consumption savings and reduction of the environmental impact thanks to solutions with reduced consumption of compressed air, lower water consumption, and solutions with low electricity consumption.

Our commitment consists in the creation of tools and methods, which aim at promoting high energy efficiency technologies and we strive to use components that allow monitoring and containment of consumption while ensuring optimal performance.


We try to minimize our environmental footprint.

As a company in the world of packaging, we are committed to offering our customers packaging machines on fully recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.

We collaborate with producers of films, bags and trays, favoring suppliers who can ensure adequate guarantees in terms of quality and sustainability. This is precisely why we include sustainable packaging materials in our products while remaining effective and economical.