Vacuum Tray

Method – Vacuum

Vacuum packaging is a very simple system which consists in eliminating all the air present from the container, thus removing the oxygen which is the main cause of oxidation and bacterial proliferation. Through the vacuum, the conservation conditions of the product are thus improved, prolonging its shelf-life.


This type of packaging considerably increases the shelf life of the product. Organic products preserve their appearance and their conservation is prolonged; medical products are kept in a sterile package that protects them from external agents such as air, light and humidity; industrial products, thanks to the elimination of the atmosphere, are protected from oxidation.

Thanks to the vacuum, moreover, the product is fixed to the package which gives it further protection from mechanical stress and the volume of the package is simultaneously reduced.


The vacuum packs are suitable for all food, medical, industrial and consumer goods that may be subject to crushing due to the difference in pressure.

BMB recommends using other technologies such as partial vacuum or modified atmosphere for all delicate or fragile products that would be deformed by the pressure difference. 

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